Our Services

In-Clinic Diagnostics

Phenix Animal Hospital is pleased to provide state-of-the-art technology when it comes to diagnosing your animal companion quickly and efficiently. We have the most advanced blood analyzers available in our hospital to provide complete blood counts to accurately analyze your pet’s red and white blood cells as well as their platelet counts. Our doctors can also assess liver and kidney function through blood chemistry testing.

In healthy pets, our doctors recommend yearly blood work testing. This helps them determine issues that may not be seen on a physical exam. Yearly blood work can uncover underlying disease states before they become serious, allowing our doctors to have the best opportunity to keep your pet as healthy as possible as long as possible!

During an emergency situation, time may be critical for a pet in distress. Our diagnostic equipment can provide answers to our doctors in minutes, as opposed to times when blood work had to be sent to a lab and results were not immediately available. Phenix Animal Hospital’s equipment provides rapid results, so they can begin immediate treatment.

Our doctors also recommend these services prior to any surgical procedure. Blood work can help determine organ function before the administration of anesthesia to insure your pet is as healthy as possible prior to surgery.