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Nutritional Counseling

Today’s society has seen a growing epidemic of obesity which is not just limited to humans. Our pets are getting larger and they depend on their owners to monitor their nutrition and exercise programs.

“Table scraps” are not healthy for our pets. Not only do animals process food differently than people, some food humans eat may even be hazardous to their health. The doctors at Phenix Animal Hospital recommend diets that are designed specifically for your pet in order to keep them as healthy as possible.

Overweight animals also face some of the same problems that people with weight issues have. Diabetes, arthritis and heart disease can all occur in overweight pets. It is extremely important to not only feed your pet the proper diet, but the proper portions as well.

Our staff at Phenix Animal Hospital can help guide you and your furry friend with choosing the right foods and exercise routines. Schedule an appointment with us to get your plan today!